Deploying Your Application

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Deploying Your Application

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When deploying a .NET application, you must distribute certain files in addition to your executable. If your application leverages the FinOptions API, you will have to distribute or deploy the FinOptions.dll  file as part of your application. This topic outlines the file that you must re-distribute and the RegistrationKey that you need to set.

Note: Any files not specifically covered by this topic should be considered non-redistributable. Files that are included with your Deriviicom product but not listed here are not licensed for distribution, and should not be copied to, moved to or shared with any machine other than the one on which the licensed Derivicom product is installed.


FinOptions API Analytics Library

File Name



Derivicom FinOptions API  COM based developer library with over 60 functions for valuing and pricing various derivative instruments. The COM library needs to be registered with Windows COM registry tool "regsvr32.exe"



Registration Key Property

Property Name



The Registration Key property of the Registration Object needs to be set to the valid key that was delivered upon purchasing the software.  This property can only be set via a hard-coded and cannot be read from a configuration file, doing so would invalidate your software license agreement.