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Download the Product Installer

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If you have not yet purchased FinOptions XL, but would like to try it, you are free to download the trial version from the website.

This document describes the process of downloading the latest version of FinOptions XL. This version installs the Excel Add-in containing the Derivicom financial analytics library, and integrates it into Excel. In addition, this version installs professionally designed templates which illustrate the various functions along with a comprehensive help system.


Before downloading and installing the latest version of FinOptions XL, make sure that your system meets the system requirements.


To obtain the latest version, follow the steps below.

1.Open a web browser and navigate to the following web page:

2.Click the Download button for the appropriate product on this page.


3.The file download process should begin. In Internet Explorer 9, for example, the following dialog should appear.


4.After downloading the setup program, run it to install FinOptions XL on your machine.

Note that during your evaluation period, you are entitled to FREE tech support from Derivicom.