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Support Services

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The aim of the Derivicom Support Team is to provide our clients with unsurpassed technical assistance when implementing solutions using Derivicom technologies. We are committed to total customer satisfaction and will stop at nothing to ensure that your experience using our products is profitable to both you and your organization.


With your product purchase and the accompanying maintenance plan, you will receive free support. If you are evaluating our products, then you also get free support during that one-month evaluation time. According to our internal policy, we answer incoming inquiries within 24 hours (one business day). The only exceptions are messages received immediately before a weekend or during holidays.



Getting Technical Support


Technical support is available in a variety of different forms. If you need technical support, please use one of the options listed below.


Support Center

This is the primary channel where you can get answers to your questions, report bugs and make suggestions. Whenever you want to create a new issue (ask a question, post a bug or a request) we advise that you look through the currently posted issues. A similar issue may already have been reported, giving you immediate access to the answer you seek.


If you're submitting a bug report related to any Derivicom product, please include a sample that reproduces the bug (if possible), together with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue. This will assist us with finding the bug and resolving it with greater efficiency.

Sending an e-mail to this address is an alternative to using the Support Center. You can e-mail us to submit a bug report, request new features or ask any questions related to any Derivicom product. Again, if you are submitting a bug report, please create and attach a sample that reproduces the problem or provide step-by-step instructions. This will assist us with finding the problem and resolving it with greater efficiency.



Asking Sales Questions

If you have any non-technical questions to ask of Derivicom (e.g. licensing), use one of the following options.

Write here to ask questions regarding your purchase or any other basic questions about Derivicom and our products. Note that you can also access this service by phone.

Write here to ask about our product pricing, pending orders, billing inquiries or any other corporate communications. Note that you can also access this service by phone.