Finding and Using Functions

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Finding and Using Functions

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Locating the appropriate function within the library of functions is easy with the integrated, context sensitive, searching tool. Each function is categorized and searching may be performed within a category or throughout the entire library. Please note this window is designed to look like the built in Insert Function window within Excel, but provides enhanced searching functionality within the Derivicom function library and the Help on this function link launches the correct documentation.



inline_minus   Search for a function

With a search bar for context sensitive searches, searching for functions is straightforward. Additionally, functions are categorized under their various model types, like Barrier, Binary, or Interest Rate, enabling searching for similar models.

1.From the Derivicom Ribbon bar, click Insert Function to launch the search window.



2.To search for a specific function, enter the name in the search bar and the click search.



3.To search for functions in a specific category, select one of the model categories from the drop-down.


4.Once the desired function is selected, click the OK button to enter the function arguments.



inline_minus   Setting the function arguments

After locating the appropriate function, enter valid values for all of the required, or bold, fields. Please refer to specific function to determine the valid values for any field. If there is an error with one of the input values, an error value will be the result of the function. Please refer to the error messages to better asses what the issue is with respect to the input parameters.




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