Ribbon Toolbar Overview

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Ribbon Toolbar Overview

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FinOptions XL installs a custom toolbar for quick access to the function library and an intuitive interface to ensure rapid productivity. The toolbar provides access to 10 professionally designed templates, covering all of the financial functions included within the library. Each template illustrates how to use the available functions and their various inputs empowering you to begin your option analysis today.


inline_minus Ribbon Toolbar Overview

The Derivicom Ribbon Toolbar provides quick assess navigation for locating the appropriate function, registering the software, and accessing help.  The toolbar is divided into four functional categories, Function Library, Option Models, Utilities, and Resources.  The function library section provides access to the various templates and a search tool to find the appropriate function within the library.  The Options Models and Utilities sections provide quick access lists to the various functions, categorized into their functional subcategories.  The toolbar is your window into the analytics library and an invaluable component to jump-start your spreadsheet development.



inline_minus Templates

There are 10 professionally designed templates to demonstrate the functionality of the FinOptions XL analytics library. Each template is fully functional where all of the editable fields are green.  All of the templates are protected to prevent accidental modifications, but there is no password for each of the templates. Below illustrates the default Vanilla Options Template that ships with the software.




inline_minus Inserting A Function

Inserting a function through the toolbar is a simple process with every available function categorized accordingly.  Select the cell where would like the value and then navigate to the appropriate function within the appropriate Option Model category. Then fill in the functions arguments referencing any dynamic cells where appropriate.




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